Jamie Oliver : Chef Profile
Jamie Oliver: author, chef, host, star. He’s also a strong activist on several causes, and, at the end of the day, a family man. Let’s find out more about this successful chef, entertainer and entrepreneur.
Chef Profile : Rachael Ray
The rich heritage and a family steeped in culinary traditions is what exposed Rachael Ray to a wide range of cooking techniques. From working at Macy’s to carving out a super successful career, Rachael Ray has done it all. Let’s take a look at the incredible journey of this gifted chef and get to know her a little better. 
Wolfgang Puck : Chef’s Profile
Wolfgang Puck was arguably the first celebrity chef, ever. He marked a clear milestone in the role that renowned chefs played in pop culture. But today let’s start at the beginning: How did Wolfgang Puck become Wolfgang Puck?
Bobby Flay : Chef’s Profile
Bobby Flay is the head of several restaurants, an author of 15 books and the star of many TV shows. More than just a cook, he is clearly a star. Let’s find out more about this successful chef, entertainer and entrepreneur.
Gordon Ramsay : Chef Profile
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is the chef that everyone loves to hate. Known for his brutal tactics in Hell’s Kitchen, he has made meme history (though he can’t quite compete with restaurateur Guy Fieri just yet). Aside from his television personality he also owns over 30 restaurants, made head chef at the young age of 27, and is overall quite an impressive chef to follow. 
Dominique Crenn : Chef Profile
From her early life in France to her successful restaurant career and subsequent charity work to her many, many media appearances, she just might be one of the most interesting women in the world.