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Easy Chicken Lollipop Recipe You Can Make At Home
Chicken Lollipop, also known as ‘Chicken Drumsticks’ or ‘Drums Of Heaven’, is a classic starter or appetizer in most restaurants today, usually served alongside a bowl of fried rice. This chicken recipe originated in India and is made using chicken wings or chicken drumsticks. Learn how to make one today!
Potato Salad Recipe : A Timeless Classic
Potato salad lovers, UNITE! Today’s blog is for folks who love a big bowl of creamy, mustard-y, pickle-y, yummy potato salad. So let’s bid farewell to the nasty store-bought salad and take a look at this easy yet wholesome, family loved potato recipe. 
How to Reverse Sear a Steak the Right Way
The reverse sear method is a process that involves baking the meat in the oven, then searing it in a pan (preferably a cast iron pan). This technique is fantastic because it gives you more control over the internal temperature of the meat while also allowing for a delicious browned crust (thanks, maillard reaction!) as well as an altogether more tender piece of beef.